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Facial Plastic Surgery

Fat Grafting

A procedure that involves moving fat from one part of the body to another.

Fat grafting involves moving fat from one part of the body to another to create a more youthful appearance, camouflage deformities, and treat the appearance of scars. The facial fat grafting procedure includes three steps. First, fat is removed from another site on the body with a needle. The fat is then cleaned so that only whole, undamaged fat cells are used. Finally the fat cells are injected into the targeted areas.

Fat grafting is commonly used in facial rejuvenation procedures and injected into the lips, the folds that go from the corners of the mouth to the nose, the under-eye areas, and the cheeks, since as we age, our facial fat deflates.

For more information about Fat Grafting in Jackson and the surrounding areas, please complete the Appointment Request below, or call Cole Facial Clinic at 601-933-2004 or email

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